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Style Guide
In need of a fashion Inspo? Shop our curated picks for any occasion!

Oh Wow!

Interesting Gift Guide

Check out some of our interesting finds from all over the world! These are things you did not know you need until you see it!

Budget Gift Guide

On a budget for gifts?

Looking for gifts < $10, $30, $50, $100 or $200? No worries, we've got you covered!

Korean Fashion

Crazy about everything Korean

Korean Fashion is on the rise and so here's our to-go picks for everything Korean!

Y2K Fashion

Y2K style, ayeee!

Living for the Y2K aesthetic? For the young and young-at-heart looking for a nostalgic trip, take a look at our fave picks here!

Home Stylo Mylo

A Personal Touch to your Home

Keep your space looking spiffy cool with these home styling and fragrance picks from us!

For Mummy and Kiddos!

Cheers to Motherhood

Mums, we know how important it is for you to have roomy bags. Sprinkle some fashion and snag 'em cuties for your little ones too!

Local Chills

Sift & Pick Lookbook

Work hard play hard, we say! Even amidst all the hustle and bustle are pockets of time for us to indulge - be it sipping away at bubble tea, or venturing into domains with your gaming buddies.

Sift & Pick Blog

Want to know more about how we curate our shop?

The Sift & Pick Blog houses many blog stories about our delightful picks! Swing over to our blog for some interesting reads about our curated picks for all occasions!

K-Beauty Picks

Gotta have that Soko glow!

Stay youthful and flawless with our ever-growing selection of K-Beauty picks!

What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Types of Traveller

Same destination but with different reasons for travelling. Check out a few kinds of travellers and see which suits you best!


In Indi Pink & Sky Blue

Exclusive! Sift & Pick x MARHEN.J Lexy V2, only available here.

For the Guys

Embrace Self Love, my Dudes

Jocks, corporates and prepsters unite - we’ve got THE selection of male-centric fashion and beauty products.

A Moment in Nature

Sift & Pick Lookbook

Away from the hustle and bustle in our daily lives and into the woods, take a breather and appreciate the tranquillity offered by Mother Nature.

Little Black Bag

A Definite Must-have!

A colour that will never go out of style. Nail the timeless classic look with Classic Black Bags every lady needs in her wardrobe.

Thai Designer Market

Lights out for a quick shopping getaway!

From indie fashion picks to creative knick-knacks, we’ve got all the best that Thailand has to offer, right here on Sift & Pick.

Summer Lookbook

Summer Lookbook 2021

Stay cool and be cool with these additional picks this Summer.

Totes-Tally Lovin'

Daily Tote Bags

Looking for bags for your day-to-day needs? We've rounded up the best and fashionable tote bags for work and everyday practicality! Keep scrolling to shop our curated picks and find your match.

Watch Your Back(pack)!

The bag that always got your back!

The go-to bag when you have a lot of things to carry and want to go hands free!

Trending Bags

Trends that will Rule 2022

From the trendy baguette bag to the classic bucket bag, what's your favourite?

Vegan Leather

Sustainable Alternatives

For those who care a bit more for the planet and our furry friends.

Urban Unisex Bags

Genderless Fashion For Everyone!

Why make bags & accessories gender specific? Wear what you want, style what you love!

KITCH STUDIO "Milk It!" Series

Sally Bucket Bag in Strawberry Milk & Taro Milk

Exclusive! Sift & Pick x KITCH STUDIO Sally Bucket Bag, only available here.

Spring Summer 2022

The Daily Walk

Sometimes it’s worth to pause for a bit, and just be in the moment. Let’s explore the normal with our newest lookbook, “The Daily Walk”.

Stay Calm, Stay Safe

Everything's gonna be ok!

Boost your mood with these picks in the midst of trying times.

The Everyday Bag

We All Need One

Find your daily classic bag that can fit all your daily essentials and still match your look!

Japan Picks

Japan Fair

Transport yourself back into the beautiful land of cherry blossoms and ramen with these gorgeous picks by Japanese designers and craftsmen!

Back To Work Essentials

Gear up for a stylish and safe return to the office!

From fashionable laptop-friendly bags, desk organisers to mask accessories, add these to your cart now!

Artisanal Leather Goods

Handcrafted by Artisans

Here are our picks for top quality leather goods, perfect for rocking a classy and timeless look.

Vacay Mode

A Well Needed R&R~

Embark on a getaway whether you're taking flight or not with these 2022 trending styles!

Go Green & Be Eco-Friendly

Thanks Earth, You Rock!!

Hey Earth lovers! Start making the right choices and choose sustainable products that help you feel and look your best.

Business Casual


Out with the sweats and into the Business Casual trend! Carry your Mobile Office in style!

Make a Statement

Spruce up your #OOTD

THE bag that every fashionista needs in their wardrobe!

Hallyu Fashion Fest

Trending Korean Brands

Can't travel to South Korea for your K-Style fashion hauls? Fret not, we are bringing you the hottest Korean fashion trends even K-Celebs love!

New Year Resolution

2022 Is Definitely The Year!

This is it! 2022 will definitely be the year we fulfil our resolutions. Let us take you through some of our fave picks to help us achieve our goals.

Spring Lookbook

2021 ain’t got nothing on you with these picks!

Turn heads and blossom this Spring with the trendiest styles and accessories! Be it a simple mobile phone case or an elaborate jewellery piece, you can’t go wrong with the Sift & Pick team’s curated choices!

Sophisticated Fashion

Exude Elegance

Classic timeless look for any occasion.

Mini & Micro Bag Trends

Because good things come in small packages

Less is more with these mini bag cuties! Get your hands on the most beautiful and chic tiny bags and rock them with confidence!

Bucket Bags & Hats

With Bucket-loads of Love!

Uncover the best silhouettes for a range of bag & hat styles with us. Quick, add them all to your shopping (bucket) list!

Top Handle Bags

Stay on Top of Your Game!

The classic bag that will complete the look!

Athleisure Style

A Balance of Style, Comfort & Function.

What more can you ask for? Take your pick on this classic new trend!

Tropic Like Its Hot

For All You Beach Lovers Out There!

Bali vibes! Go tropical with these picks~


Take a trip to South Korea!

Annyeong, travel with us through South Korea, the Land of the Moring Calm. Let's go!

It's a Date!

A Companion for Your Perfect Date

The ideal date calls for the perfect bag!

Colour of the Year

Mood Booster Colours for 2022!

Colours for 2022? Oh we got you covered. Let's transit into a new year with tones at the forefront of modern trends and styles. Don't worry, we picked the best.

Purse-Only Gifts

"Bag" a Gift!

Bags are an a must-have piece in your wardrobe to carry our everyday essentials. Check our favourite "gift bag" picks!

New Norm Essentials

The lanes are open!

Finally! Get ready to take flight to amazing countries with our travel picks!


Local Picks

Show some love to all things local! Here's a dazzling showcase of a variety of fashion picks that are proud babies of Singapore's humble and talented designers.

Cottagecore Fashion

Be One with Nature

Embrace mother nature with these whimsical cottagecore inspired picks!

Iconic Canvas Picks

Canvas Bag Trend

Nail the laid-back casual look with Canvas Bags! They don't just look cool, but they're really durable too!

Time Leap

Time Leap With Modern Traditions

Leap through time and travel back to the past right now for a NEW old style!

Campus life

Back to School Picks!

Start the new semester, year or internship with a new bag!